Amanda Kingsley


From a young age, Amanda has spent a great deal of time exploring the New England landscape with her father and younger brother. Years were spent turning over rocks for salamanders, checking caves for goblins and looking for shells along the Boston coast. This outdoor exploring, often coupled with warm food and stories, instilled a deep curiosity for the natural world. While attending university in Western Massachusetts for Graphic Design, Amanda had the opportunity to work in the college Greenhouse and travel to India to study Tibetan medicine. It was these two experiences that inspired her to grow food that was thoughtful, nourishing and regenerative. After several formative adventures, such as working with farmers in South America, foraging for mushrooms in Maine and farming in New England, she wanted to study the interconnections that exist between ourselves, our food and our local ecosystem. It was then that she moved to New York to study flowers, wild plants and herbs at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. After her first sweet pea harvest and witnessing the inherent joy that flowers bring others, she realized that cultivating and arranging flowers is where her deep love of ecology, design, and good food all neatly coalesce. When not farming, Amanda loves to forage for wild plants, go tidepooling, run and eat soft cheeses.

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